What is the purpose of the XenoPsyche Institute?

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Modern technology enables a degree of communication between individual minds to which society has yet to adjust. Psychomemetic engineering by corporate, government and collaborators is corrupting the minds of our youth and slowly consuming the very fabric of our society. As those who identify are increasingly regarding science as obsolete, and view instantaneous global communications as perfectly normal, the way forward must surely lie in edutainment and edutising.

Increasingly, alternative subcultures are developing which communicate not through plain text or speech, but by using a multimedia hybrid of many different technologies. Organisations such as Anonymous and arts such as emoji poetry are little understood by mainstream society, and part of our mission is to ensure this continues.

Our Associates are drawn from a wide pool over many years. Each represents the pinnacle of excellence in their respective field, and command an impossibly high remuneration for their services. As such, our undeniable talents are available for hire only to those organisations where commonality of purpose is identified. Or where you pay us lots and lots of money.

To help destroy the hierarchicals,
To repudiate men who think they lead,
To upgrade those who blindly follow.

Editors Note: "Life as Art" has long been a fascination to developing minds. As both an academic researcher and an established participant, I feel it is time for the community to reassess the sociopolitical impact of flonking, and how it may be employed for the common good.