What are the methods used by the XenoPsyche Institute?

early apparatus

For those unable to decode the title, TAVERN is a quite powerful prog for verbalising, sending epistles and recalling the same. It has categorised information storage, a powerful multi-line character-based communications module, built-in job status features, VDU control facilities, a line-based communicator, Inter-Process Communication Facility handling via the Programmable Software Interrupt system, an automatic reply system with scratch pad, an accounting file, etc etc... in all, a right abortion.

All the commands can be uniquely abbreviated; many have single-character forms for brevity. INIT commands. Surprisingly enough, these commands are legal only at initialisation, and set up a user profile. They may be typed only in modes 1 or 2 (SWITCH.INI or RUN-command) and give an error message otherwise.

There are 'install complete' flags from a previous -[rf] run of portmaster, delete them? y/n [n] ===>>> Gathering distinfo list for installed ports


Given an OPENID, a Casual user can access the Closed section by using the ID "ANON"; the Password to this is null (i.e. type ) which allows a limited set of the Closed commands. Also, a number of OPEN-section commands aren't allowed without an ID - naturally, these are the naughty ones. A Casual user, who has obtained an ID of "ANON" is still considered to be a Casual user despite having a Regular ID, and cannot access those OPEN-section commands which require a Regular ID.

The Closed section contains the Info, Recall and Message system. All other functions are considered to be Open-section. Open-commands can be typed to the Closed-command processor, but not vice-versa (nor, for that matter, the other way round). Some Open-commands cause a return to the Open mode if they parse correctly: in this case, standard Closed-EXIT functions are performed.

Commands are divided into 6 categories: INIT, SET, ACTION, MODE, CLOSED and TEXT. They are generally defined by where they can be typed; the first four are collectively called Open commands, and have a similar form - that of switches, although the initial slash may often be omitted (or put in - suit yerself). There are 6 ways of typing commands to TAVERN (though they don't necessarily correspond to the 6 command types):

Between 1959 and 1981 numerous paranormal and psychomemetic experiments were performed by Dr Norman Grey and his colleagues, however most of these were classified due to the prevalent attitude towards drug use during those years.


open(IN,"$ENV{'HOME'}/.newsrc") || die "can't open .newsrc: $!\n";
#open(IN,"/news/db/active") || die "can't open active: $!\n";


push(@froups,"delgroup *binar*");
push(@froups,"delgroup *multimedia*");

while () {
    chomp; ($froup,@junk) = split(' ',$_,2);
    next if $froup =~ /!/;
    $froup =~ s/:$//;
    next if $froup =~ /^uk\./ || $froup =~ /\.uk$/ || $froup =~ /\.uk\./;
    next if $froup =~ /^xenopsyche/ || $froup =~ /^local/;
    next if $froup =~ /^alt\.alien/;    
    next if $froup =~ /^alt\.alien/;
    next if $froup =~ /^northwest/;
    next if $froup =~ /^england\./;

foreach $froup (@froups) {
    print "\t$froup\n";

We already have umpteen instances of Nagios all over the place, why do we need one more for his cluster PCs when Ops Nagios could monitor this? The only snag is that I cannot get new plug-ins to work on such an old version, but if all he wants is a ping of PCs is that a problem? Can either of you think of one that I am missing? Serious question, no sarcasm.

Apologies for not cancelling that 'pony' VM at the time. I thought it was a done deal via Shaz who was in negotiation with Sarah Garland then. It went to and fro till eventually the Windows team set up a VM in the end. It was a question of who would support it afterwards. Cris and Owen support the o.s., with Windows for the vm.

I've explained this to Andy Fox.

before brainwaves

As many of you are probably aware I=E2=80=99m retiring from the University at the end of September after 38 years. However I will be on leave for the whole of the month, as a result I plan to go for a drink to celebrate the occasion on Friday 28th August.

after brainwaves

The attached file is in PDF format. To open it, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader(R) version 3.0 or later installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit http://www.adobe.com to download it at no charge.

Dear Customer

Welcome to your new monthly news letter from XCalibre. This news letter will update you on new features & current offers and any other information concerning your accounts.


As some, (but not all) of you are aware we now have a fully featured control panel that will enable you to access and control large aspects of your account through a web interface. This is available at http://cp.xcalibre.co.uk If you do not currently have a login to this then reply to this email requesting one and this will be setup for you.

Some of the new features of the Control Panel are:


Complete live control over email aliases, POP3 accounts and auto responders.


Detailed daily updated stats and live up to the minute transfer stats which enables you to see exactly what traffic is coming to your site and where from.


Full listings of all sites and accounts. For customers allowed more than one website (Resellers & Multi-Web Customers) you also have the ability to add new ftp accounts and websites automatically. Ability to setup control logins for your end users with user definable limitations.

memetic reduction apparatus

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for being customers of XCalibre and if anyone has any suggestions or comments on how we could better our services please either email sales@xcalibre.co.uk or post in the customer forum.

IMPORTANT: Our carriers will not leave a parcel without a signature, if the delivery point you have requested has nobody to receive the package please urgently e-mail us an alternative address to which to send the parcel. sales@pestcontroldirect.co.uk Remember that we are using a Next Day carrier, however, orders placed by 2pm on Fridays, will be delivered on the following Monday, orders placed after 2pm Friday up to 2pm on Monday will be delivered on Tuesday.

Welcome to the new XCalibre newsletter, that will be published on an adhoc basis when we have significant news and information about XCalibre that may affect you.

After 2 successful years whilst based in Whitburn, thanks to the support of all our customers, we have outgrown the Whitburn facilities and moved in January to new offices in Livingston. The last four years have been very exciting taking our embryonic ISP business from a back room, via our Whitburn premises, to our new Livingston premises. We now have approximately 4500 customers. We have attempted to grow our business while maintaining the high-level of support we are renowned for. Our new two and a half thousand square feet offices are located at.

As part of our planned development we first relocated the majority of our equipment from our own collocation centre in Whitburn, to our new state-of-the-art facilites in Redbus Interhouse in London.

We are now entering the next stage of development in those facilities and will be investing in those substantially in the coming months. This will ensure that XCalibre continues to excel.

Support Changes

Hot-Line Support. From Monday 13th May 2002, we will operate a new support hot-line on 0901 022 0099. Calls are charged at 25p per minute. We have introduced this service to ensure that we are able to continue providing you with the high-quality support you expect, in a timely manner.

Service Fault Support Line. If you have a problem with your account which you believe is related to a service fault then you can leave a message on our 0870 080 0050 telephone number (standard national rate line)using the automated fault reporting service which will then alert the on-call engineer to investigate this for you. You will also be able to listen to the any pre-recorded status updates using this system.

With two new recruits to our support and development team, we believe that we will be able to provide you with an even better level of service than we have been providing. We aim to have all email support answered within 1 hour. I am sure you can appreciate that this will not happen overnight, but we are steadily working towards this.